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"Time of my Life", by Alan Ayckbourn
Performance dates: Wednesday to Friday, 7th - 9th September
The Hen & Chicken, 210 North Street, Southville, Bristol BS3 1JF

The play has a restaurant setting, and this venue was well suited to the play being performed in the round.

Directed by Martin Walsh

This is the first time that we have used this venue, but we were delighted perform to a large and appreciative audience on all three nights.

The play is set in an indeterminate restaurant which is a mixture of Greek, Italian, French and Spanish, where
Gerry Stratton has organized a family dinner with his sons Glyn and Adam to celebrate his wife Laura's 54th birthday.
Glyn is with his long suffering wife Stephanie; their marriage looks to be on firmer ground that it once was.
Adam has brought along his new girlfriend, an outrageous hairdresser, and they are both eager to impress.
The action moves between the past, the present and the future as gradually family skeletons intrude on the happy domestic scene:
- Glyn's unfaithfulness knows no bounds,
- the family transport business has been hit by the recession,
- and Laura has been unfaithful.

A variety of different waiters are on hand, all related to the owner and all played by the same actor,
acting as a kind of chorus figure. All the waiters speak an invented indeterminate language which, like the restaurant itself, is a Mediterranean mixture.

"A play by an inspired master craftsman and cunning psychologist working at full stretch: harsh and funny, simple and cunning, generous but unforgiving." - Sunday Times

"Funny, very funny, and not at all funny; quintessentially Ayckbourn." - Times

"Immensely subtle, ingenious." - Guardian

The play was performed with the following cast:
Peter Irwin
Jan Catterall
Joe Marsden
Jess Roy
Ben Pickett
Caroline Yorke
Michael Clark
Gerry Stratton
Laura Stratton, Gerry's wife
Glyn Stratton, their elder son
Stephanie, Glyn's wife
Adam Stratton, their younger son
Maureen, Adam's girlfriend
Calvinu, Tuto, Aggi, Bengie, Dinka - waiters in the restaurant

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